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About Us

Welcome to Vilnius Urban Adventures – a family owned inbound travel company owned and operated by owners – Kestas and Vilija, both born and living in Vilnius, marketing and hospitality professionals who themselves are passionate travellers and explorers. We aim to give provide the most personal and in depth Vilnius Tours around.

We are using almost every opportunity to travel somewhere – from day trips in our homeland to a longer adventure abroad. In every trip we try to leave as little of a mark as possible by walking, cycling or canoeing instead of driving and collecting litter left by irresponsible people.

Our motto i : “To do our best in providing friendly local assistance to travellers who are exploring our homeland – Lithuania…”

We are glad have joined the Urban Adventures network because of their idea of personalised travel services and an individual approach to every traveller.

What attracted us into travel and tourism area? A wish to become reliable local person as travel advisor for travellers coming to Vilnius Lithuania as well as sort of patriotic wish to spread the word about our beloved country – Lithuania.

Our hobbies include reading, yoga, cycling, alpine and land skiing, gourmet cooking but on the large scale both of us consider our businesses of inbound travelling and marketing as a hobbies.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need friendly advice or an independent opinion or would like us to assist you in planning a full travel experience.

Welcome to Vilnius Urban Adventures!